Gottagetabody - Pole classes - Collingdale, PA
Gottagetabody - Let me guide you thru your weight loss journey
 Our staff is trained and well-versed on the current trends ON  group pole & private pole classes. We encourage our staff to attend classes and seminars on updated fitness trends. You can only benefit from our adjective of knowledge.

Mondays - 
 Effective June 1, 2018 , 730pm

Tuesdays -
7:00pm - Beginners ONLY Pole w/ Marianne
Wednesdays -
7:30pm - Now a beginner Pole Class 
Thursdays -

7:00pm  Beginner pole and floorwork class w/Denise

Not til the Fall 2018

Please fill out the listed below for a Beginner Pole class. 
reverse grip
A lay back poseI forgot the name

a new move I learned
1052186 3266102828564 1589344839 o
new move

kias pole
BEGINNER POLE ONLY Regisration form
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