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Pricing for Parties:
1 hr - covers up to 5 ladies $100
1.5 hrs - covers up to 10 ladies  $150
2 hrs - covers up to 15 ladies $250
2.5 hrs - covers up to 25 ladies $300


Pricing for Parties offsite:
1 hr - covers up to 10 ladies - $175
1.5 hrs - covers up to 15 ladies -  $225
2 hrs - covers up 25 ladies -  $375

Offsite pole parties please read before booking your next pole party.

*If you're requesting additional poles it cost $50 each.  You must have the room for two poles.

*Your ceiling must be a flat surface, no vaulted ceilings.  Please measure your ceiling when booking your party we need to bring the right pole extensions. Our poles can support up to 300 lbs.

*Please have available for the pole instructor a ladder/stool available.  If studio has to supply a ladder its an additional $25 charge. If the instructor arrives and is unable to setup your pole due to you not having the proper ceilings for setup, if there is no ladder available or not informing us to bring one we are not responsible for your lost party time and deposit payment is non-refundable.  However, we will give you 3 weeks to book another date and time should this happen.

Use the below button to make your $100 party deposit.

Pole Party Deposit
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last name
Party Date
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Contact Number
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Gift Certificates are available for $25 and up.

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